Relationship and Communication Therapist


All relationships have ebbs and flows of joy and pain. Feelings of disconnection and isolation can be reduced allowing more love to return.

I am Martin Pinaud, a registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC#1992) based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. I specialize in relationship issues that include couples, families, and single individuals who may have had unsuccessful experiences in the past or are wanting to be involved in a long term committed relationship for the first time.

Pinaud Pscyhological Services

My Services

Relationships don’t have to be painful. My approach is tailored to your individual situation and needs.

Families present their own unique challenges. Children inject new dynamics that arouse different trials for parents and siblings alike.

Achieving successful relationships is a key ingredient to leading a fulfilling and productive life.

All relationships have ebbs and flows of joy and pain. Pain & suffering can be reduced allowing more love to return.

My Work

Martin uses many modalities when dealing with Individuals, Couples & Families. such as Cognitive Behavioural, Short-Term Solution Focused Therapy etc..

My Approach consists of developing a systematic case plan. This case plan comes from the individuals particular history and the answers they provide to an extensive series of questions.

Generally it is more productive for a client if they are guided to discover what is blocking them from positive movement.

I employ communication training and procedures for couples. As mentioned above from such noted authors.

Family counselling is unique in that it usually involves multipe people with complicated histories and interactions.

I recall the adage from a Woody Allen movie where he says “I have been working with my therapist for thirteen years and he thinks I am getting better.”