Why do People Have an Affair?

Why does infidelity occur? Is it simply a selfish act that fulfills the one person’s needs? In some instances the answer is yes. However, this not the norm, infidelity is rarely just about lust. It cannot be explained away as a complete disregard for the broken trust and pain it has caused their partner…read more

A couple was having trouble communicating. They loved each other and had been together for many years, however recently they seemed to be getting irritated with each other and having misunderstandings. She said ” You don’t seem to be excited about fish and chips on Thursday nights…read more

Criticisms – frequently making generalized negative statements or assumptions about your partner would be an example of an obvious negative pattern. A more subtle criticism would be incorrectly assuming your partner’s intentions such…read more

Once the distance or dissatisfaction in the relationship has been established then comes the decision to do something about it. Of course couples may be exhausted or very discouraged and do not feel like they have the energy to make an effort. There can be a tendency to get away from this discomfort as…read more

It is most likely that someone who is quick to anger in an intense way, has experienced unfairness, injustice, or maltreatment that has negatively affected their self esteem. Let’s take a person who has been bullied growing up and has decided that that is never going to happen to them again…read more

At the first mentioning of the word conflict it is quite likely that it would represent a negative or unproductive interaction. Something to be avoided or reduced as much as possible. Conflict has a negative connotation. Generally it is not something that people look forward to or are willing to approach…read more

Conflict is a reality that is going to happen when interacting with others. Conflict can be defined as an upset, a disagreement, an argument, or just opposing views. However, when assumptions and judgments are made defensiveness usually follows resulting in some form of harm to our partner…read more

The drain on our energy emotionally and physically exhausts us. The tendency is to end the tension and return to comfort level that existed before the upset. What we usually experience is an apology, which is a necessary part of the repair. However a simple “I’m sorry” does not aide in the…read more

Taking responsibility for a misdeed or harmful behavior is a very important component in repairing the emtional bond between people. Often there is a recognition that the individual has committed some inappropiate behavior and they simply want to end the tension that exists…read more

Counseling gets both people in a relationship in the same room to talk with the counselor. The counselor takes great efforts to help the couple understand what is causing their difficulties and work on ways to better deal with their problems. Both the people in the relationship get to share their views…read more